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Type: Student research project
Title: Resource Efficient Urban Regeneration of Informal Settlements in Tirana, Albania : Solutions for Ongoing Transformation
Authors: Sharma, Abhishek
Khan, Sardar Sher Muhammad
Mehta, Jeel
Yiadom, Emmanuel Addai-Boakye
Chlyeh, Dounia
Adi, Sanjana Mahesh
Kühenapfel, Melina
Koubaa, Nouha
Chaudhary, Sakhil
Avi, Shiplu Chanda
Inthisone, Larita
Sasani, Kiana
Adegbami, Ahmed
Arnold, Keegan
Isufi, Florian
Sensu, A. Nil
Schaack, Emma
Patel, Chintan
Nnadi, Nnaemeka
Sharma, Tarini
Tomczak, Nicole
Lugones, Gabriela
Fallah, Asad Tayyebi
Mobasher, Amr
Eftekhari, Sadaf
Wieland, Aaron
Tezgider, Ceren
Aldammad, Walaa
Mathampattu, Abhinandh
Selimaj, Rei
Mehmeti, Gledis
Merhadi, Olta
Hasa, Suada
Golemi, Alba
Loca, Dije
Halilaj, Fatbardha
Korita, Erisa
Malaj, Aferdita
Jakaj, Daniel
Shehi, Igli
Qamo, Joana
Hoxha, Sidorela
Lohja, Tiziana
Duka, Megi
Hamza, Renato
Golemi, Greis
Bregasi, Irini
Xhelilaj, Era
Terova, Christina
Pole, Danail
Ndreca, Orjada
Ndregjoni, Drilona
Bahari, Kimia
Editor: Wieland, Aaron
Sharma, Abhishek
Malaj, Aferdita
Duka, Megi
Dickhaut, Wolfgang 
Editor: Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU) 
Issue Date: 22-Mar-2022
Keywords: resource efficiency; resource efficient planning; Tirana; transformation of cities; city development; sustainable urban development
The REAP (Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning) Master’s Program is a multidisciplinary and international program at HafenCity University, Hamburg, that brings together professionals from all over the world. The program’s focus is on sustainable planning at various scales and in different cultural, geographical, and societal contexts. By following an integrative and multidimensional approach to real-world applications, the REAP program offers students opportunities to approach the challenges of today with realistic recommendations and solutions supported by the faculty with an ex- tensive background in the field of sustainability at both the technical and political level. The program consists of three core projects at different scales: the city, the neighborhood, and the building. This brochure highlights the works of the 12th generation REAP students’ third project, in the context of Resource Efficient Planning in informal settlements of Tirana, Albania. The projects and essays on the following pages aim to give the reader an understanding of the challenges and opportunities affecting the post-socialist urban transformation in the city as well as the consequent innovative, contextually appropriate, and climate-responsive planning strategies developed to support the resource efficient urban regeneration of informal settlements in Tirana, Albania.
Subject Class (DDC): 710: Landschaftsgestaltung, Raumplanung
HCU-Faculty: Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning (REAP) 
Publisher: HafenCity University Hamburg
ISBN: 978-3-947972-43-2
URN (Citation Link): urn:nbn:de:gbv:1373-repos-8123
Directlink: https://repos.hcu-hamburg.de/handle/hcu/637
Language: English
Appears in CollectionStudentische Arbeiten

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